Edimax Pro  AC1750 Acess Point

Edimax Pro AC1750 Long Range Super High Speed Acess Point 3 x 3 AC Dual-Band Wall-Mount PoE Access Point
Manufacturer: Edimax

•802.11AC Dual-Band High Speed: IEEE 802.11ac concurrent dual-band with 1750Mbps wireless speed.

•High Performance Wi-Fi: Band steering balances channel utilization, enabling high capacity environment.

•Easy Installation: Wall-mount design with easy installation kit.

•Designed for High Density Usage: Supports up to a hundred users simultaneously, ideal for crowded environments and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) workplaces.

•Multiple SSIDs for Security Management: Supports up to 32 SSIDs (16 x 2.4GHz & 16 x 5GHz) ideal for multiple departments, user groups, customers or guests.

•802.11r/k Fast Roaming: Roams smoothly between APs without lag or interruption, ensuring top performance for video and voice streaming applications.

•Wide Coverage & High Sensitivity: Adjustable RF output power and high receiver sensitivity for wide coverage across large spaces.

•Seamless Mobility: 1.5x greater coverage than typical APs for blanket coverage to ensure seamless connectivity for Wi-Fi devices across enterprise environments.

•Power over Ethernet: Supports IEEE 802.3at PoE and IEEE 802.3af PSE out as well as included power adapter.

•Built-In RADIUS Server: With management for up to 256 user accounts.

•Business Environments: Advanced choice for highperformance applications. Suitable for a wide range of commercial applications such as offices, hotels, meeting rooms, schools, campuses, resorts, retail and others.

•Central Management: Edimax Pro Network Management Suite (NMS) and SKYMANAGE PC for easy and Intuitive webbased central management. AP built-in with NMS supports AP array architecture.

•Optional Security Cover: Prevents theft and tampering.