PCI-E Express RISER USB 3.0 Cable

PCI-E Express RISER USB 3.0 Cable

1: The new mining graphics extension cable with 4 solid capacitors, a regulator IC to make the video card power supply more stable and more secure anti-jammer motherboard. Increase the power indicator, easier to detect problems!
2: The new mining adapter integrated 4PIN, 6PIN, SATA15PIN, three different power supply port, to solve the problem of external power cord! Direct use of mining machine power lines more stable and enhance power supply, graphics power supply independent from the motherboard, thereby reducing the burden on the motherboard when connected to multiple graphics cards.
3: The graphics card slot using imported connectors, graphics cards and connectors better.
4: USB cable with multi-layer shielded wire, the longest 3M can be connected without attenuation signal.
5: USB cable is soft and stable, easy alignment, graphics can be placed.
6: slot with a fixed buckle, more convenient to remove the video card and fixed video card, the video card will not fall off the slot.
7: This extension cable is suitable for motherboard PCI-E slot (1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X). Please plug in the power cord when using. Plug and unplug the PCI-E extension cable must be disconnected from the computer and then unplug the plug, the use must be aware of the precautions!
The new design, 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X are compatible (1-16X and 16-16X can be used), PCI-E adapter new baked wire, safer, more efficient and more practical!
Product packaging :
A: PCI-E main board * 1
B: 1X small motherboard * 1
C: 3.0USB data cable * 1