XPRINTER XP-76IIN Dot matrix Printer

XPRINTER XP-76IIN Impact Dot matrix Printer
Manufacturer: XPRINTER
Old price: $150.00
    • XP-76IINC, is a fully functional pin type paper printers, USES the advanced print head, support GB18030 big word stock.Compatible with the ESC/POS printing instructions, beyond your imagination!

    • Print width

    • Printing speed

    4.5 line/s
    • Column capacity

    400 dots/line
    • Interface

    USB  / Parallel
    • Character

    • Line spacing

    4.23mm (Adjustable by commands)
    • Weight

    • Dimensions

    220×150×140mm (D×W×H)

- Freshness outstanding design, easy to operate

-GB18030 simplified Chinese, support traditional Chinese and various international languages

- Black mark orientation, support invoice printing function

- Various interfaces, multiply choices